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荣幸的告诉大家:光明银河联邦已经登陆地面了!!~请看本文 新进展  

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1楼 【5-14-2010】新进展(降落)2010-05-15 20:56Developments

By S333 thru Hazel

May 14, 2010 - 10:43:55 AM


Dear All

S333 visited at 19:30 and gave this message. I asked him a few times to confirm the accuracy and he did. Just before I press the send button I asked him again and he said yes and that I was trying his patience. It is with great trepidation that I post this but also with great anticipation. I feel as if I am in a dream

亲爱的各位,S333在19:30前来传达 了这个讯息。我询问了他多次以确认消息的准确性。就在我按下发送键之前,我又询问了他一次,他说是的(消息是准确的),说我在考验他的耐心。发布这个讯 息,伴随着巨大的惊惶,也伴随着强烈的预期。我感觉如同身在梦中。

Love to All





新 进展

Further to the last message delivered earlier today I can say to you that we are here. Hard to believe isn't it? Yes we have touched down. Invisible to you as yet but here nevertheless. The troops have dismounted. We are about to disperse on ground amidst your populace. This is necessary at this point. We are no longer enjoying the aerial view but come to walk amongst you now to execute the further steps in the game plan.

继今天早些时候发表的讯息,我可以告诉你,我们在这儿(地面)。难以置信?没错我们已经降落了。尽管目前你 们看不到,但我们确实已身在地面。我们的部队已经下马。我们正准备分散到地面各处,就在你们民众之中。在这个时候,这是必要的。我们不再满足于空中观察, 而是行走在你们之中,为了实施行动计划的进一步措施。

Shortly contact will be made with a select few and as we assess matters links may be made with others. We ask for patience at this time for crucial events are going to be set in motion which will culminate in a series of catastrophic results.

不久我们会和选中的一部 分人联络,随着我们进一步评估事态,会和其他人联络。我们请求你们在此时此刻保持耐心,因为决定性的事件即将发动,这将以一系列激变的结果告终。

You must understand that we cannot visibly show ourselves at this time for it will engender great fear amongst the general public. We will gauge the right time for appearances. For now all you need know is that we have touched down. Exciting times are promised for those who know and believe. You of the light who accept our presence will have to hold the hands of those who are unknowing and lead them into understanding. You will know when this becomes necessary. We will be giving you a series of updates regularly form now so those who take messages be on guard. Further details will not be given at this time. We ask that you trust that the divine plan is working out accordingly. We will soon be handing you your freedom passes. Something for you to look forward to.

你们必须理 解现在我们不能露面,因为这会给普通民众带来巨大的恐慌。我们会估量准确的时机露面。现在你只需知道我们已经降落了。激动人心的时刻将展现给知道并且相信 我们的人。已经接受我们到场这个事实的人们,请去帮助尚未知晓的人们,引导他们理解这一切。你会知道何时是必要的。我们会给你们一系列定期更新的信息,得 到信息的人要警惕。进一步的详情现在不会透露。我们希望你们相信,神圣计划正在相应的规划中。我们很快会交还你们的自由通行证。重大的事情可以供你们尽情 期待了。

I am S333 and know that these are my words. I come in the Light





【5-15-2010】Update #1(最新讯息 1 by CM)2010-05-16 12:27Update #1

By Christ Michael thru Hazel

May 15, 2010 - 5:08:03 AM


Christ Michael

Update No 1

We are well and truly here. Yes and the work have begun in earnest to cleanse thoseinstitutions governed in darkness. We have been fortunate to have secured some co operationwhich will facilitate infiltration into certain ranks. You see dear ones we already had divinebeings on the ground who were expecting our arrival.

我们确实在 这儿(地面)。是的,净化那些黑暗统治机构的工作已经坚定不移地开始了。我们幸运地得到了一些合作者,他们将推进某些特定阶层的渗入。你们要知道,亲爱的 各位,我们已经在地面拥有一些期待着我们到来的神性存有。

Those who are a liability are going to betaken down post haste. We mean business now and willnot tolerate anyone standing in our way.


In the coming days you will hear of strange things taking place without understanding what hashappened. We are not disclosing what they might be but if you pay sufficient attention youwill know. The dark will try to cover up many things from you during this time but we willtake every measure necessary to ensure that the population is able to hear and see the truth. We have mobilised some of our ground resources and soon results should be seen physically.

未来的日子里,你会听说一些不同寻常的事情,但你无法理解究竟发生了什 么。我们不会透露具体的事件,但是如果你密切关注,你会知道的。在此期间,黑暗势力会竭力掩盖许多事情,但是我们会采取必要的措施,保证居民们能够听到并 看到真相。我们已经动员了部分地面资源,很快结果会真正地被看到。

There is an interesting development about to take place in the world of politics and financeand we suggest that you pay close attention. We are going to pull the necessary strings neededfor a timely collapse to occur. We now assume the role of the puppet masters and those whohave reigned with the dark wand will become the lowly minions.

在世界的政治和金融领域,会迎来有趣的新情况,我们建议你们密切关注。 我们即将为一个适时的崩溃之发生而拉动弦线。我们现在担任着木偶大师的角色,那些支配着黑暗魔杖的人们,将成为卑微的奴才。

We are primed in our plan and ready to start making things happen. Yes the occurrences andresults in your coming days and weeks will shock the population into opening their eyes andears. Gradually at first, but then the severe repercussions which will flow shall createenough confusion to spark greater awareness not to mention fear and anger. This is going to betime of exposure. The events we are orchestrating will cause sequential demise of systemswhose timeline has expired or has you ones say reached its "pass by date". The gluttons forpunishment will receive such if they do not surrender to the light now. The ride has startedso to you ones hold on tightly.

我们的计划已完备,准备开始让事情发生。是的,未来日子里的事件和结果会震撼居民们, 让他们睁开双眼,竖起耳朵。刚开始比较平缓,但是随后而来的剧烈影响,会造成足够的骚动,以激发更强的(觉醒)意识,不用说也有恐惧和愤怒。曝光的时刻即 将到来。我们精心编排的事件会引起(旧)制度的连续崩溃,(旧制度)的时间表已经到期,或者你们可以说它的“逝去之日”已到。酷爱暴政的人们如果现在不向 光明投降,将会走向灭亡。马儿已经要奔驰了,各位要抓紧缰绳了。

You do not need to know specifics. Just know that the process of disintegration has commencedwith divine fervour.


To my light workers soon your work will be at hand. I suggest you get your "houses" in order.


I am Christ Michael Aton and these are my words. I place the seal of the Father hereto.



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